Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A few stories ...

We have gone hiking, watched football games, cooked steaks, made soup, played pictionary, all for the sake of getting to know students. It has been a blast!

In October, we organized a couple events to help build community within The Outpost. One night we had an "Agape Feast" where we cooked and had about 40 people in our house feasting and sharing God's love with one another. We shared communion, and it was a great time of fellowship and growing together.

We also had a worship night where the team set up different stations of worship to encourage the students to learn new ways to spend time with the Lord. We had a music station, a reading station, a drawing/painting station, a journaling station, and a huge cross made out of rail road ties that they actually nailed cardboard to on which they had written down things they feel the Lord is asking them to give up. The students actually responded really well, and even after we dismissed they lingered and continued worshiping, not wanting to stop. It has been great to see their growth, and it is so encouraging when the Lord shows you He is working in their hearts.

It is time to start thinking about potential student leaders for next school year! Please be praying as we begin to talk to these students about their responsibilities in the ministry and we begin to plan how to cast the vision. Johann and I are planning the syllabus for LTC (Leadership Training Class) and it is exciting to get to figure out new and different ways to teach the students. It looks like we are going to have around 15 students, so it will be great to have such an intimate class.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

August in CO

Welcome week is well underway and it is super exciting!
These past couple of weeks we have been getting to know the city, team building, and making our house into a home. It starting with a 24 hour car ride here, and then the most awesome welcome from our church, Foothills Assembly of God, that we could have never even dreamed of! They were waiting in the streets with banners and all kinds of signs to welcome us! Then they fed us a much needed lunch, and they all helped us unload all of our furniture and boxes! It was very surreal to be loved so much by people we hadn't even met yet! It was much needed and we are so grateful and excited to get to know this family even more. Jake's mom, dad, and sister along with my mom came along for the adventure and helped us out so much with the unpacking. We were also able to do some sight seeing in Estes Park while they were here. It was great sharing the experience of moving with them.

Dorm move ins were amazing, we met new students and were able to connect with some that had talked to Nate this summer about being a part of Chi Alpha. We are excited about what the Lord is going to do this year! More pictures and stories to come!

Please be praying for our events we are hosting this weekend and this week, along with our first official Chi Alpha large group meeting this Thursday!
Side note: we are calling the CSU chapter of Chi Alpha "The Outpost" so that it is not confused with a fraternity; they have a horrible rep here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Summer

Jake and I were able to spend a couple days together camping for anniversary. It was awesome to be in such a quiet place with no distractions and to really enjoy each other. The whole time I was so overwhelmed with what Christ has done in my life. He gave me such a peace that I had never felt before. He is so awesome! Here are some pics from our trip:

After that, my friend Katy and I were blessed with the opportunity to go to Bellingham, WA and see our amazing friend Tabitha. She is interning at the Chi Alpha up there, and we were able to go to their worship service. We were able to hang out with another intern, too, Michelle, and she was great. She showed us around town, and took us on hikes that were challenging but worth the view! It was so beautiful there and it was great to see Tabitha and the life the Lord has given her there. The Lord always shows me how big He is when i go somewhere so far away and they have the same understandings about the Lord. He really does speak to all of us! Praise God, because how impossible would that be to think we were the only ones who could share the love of Christ!

We also had a "pioneering bootcamp" to get ready for starting the Chi Alpha at Colorado State University. All 10 of us were in attendance (first time we all even met together) and it was stretching, mind blowing, and eye opening. The Lord was totally with us giving us supernatural understanding of ourselves and our personalities and how they are going to work together. Paul Austin, the director for the Big Sky district came and taught us. He really opened our eyes to what it is going to be like when we get there, and sitting and talking about everything for 3 whole days was definitely needed! It was great getting to know each other and Paul. I am so thankful for the whole team, we all really do bring different giftings and talents to the table, and we all are seeking after what the Lord would have us do on this campus.

We moved into our good friend's, Eli and Mandy Stewart's house for the summer. They are in California visiting Mandy's family and connecting with some of their supporters, so they asked us to house sit for them and they are giving us a killer deal. The Lord always provides for us, and we are truly grateful! The rest of the summer is looking like this: raising support, meeting with friends and family before we leave the beginning of August. Please be praying for us as we try to raise the rest of our budget!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Its official!

WOOHOOOOOO! I am officially a Sam Houston State Alumni! I was fighting the tears during the graduation ceremony today thinking about how amazing the Lord is and how he has brought me through all of my stubbornness and discontent. I am so grateful that I have learned that HE is the only thing that can satisfy our souls. Without HIM there is no way I would have finished school and stuck with the things I was only half (probably less than half) committed to before. What a different place I am in than when I started this journey at Sam Houston, and what a beautiful place it is! The Lord has blessed me so much, I finally found Him, have a better relationship with my family, made some amazing friends, and got the best husband I couldn't have even dreamed of. THANK YOU JESUS!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Baptisims + Root beer floats = Last XA for the year

I am about to GRADUATE!!! 8 days and counting!!!My friend Crystal Thomas took some pictures for me, this one is fun!

80 students completed Chi Alpha's Leadership Training this week!
Here are some pics/videos from the last Chi Alpha service of the semester

Leslie with Cynthia and Megan, 2 girls that came up from Lamar!

Leslie, me and Megan

Taylor, Michelle and me drinkin the awesome root beer floats we had after the service

Me and Katy Bridges, one my girls I met last year, she is doing amazing this for the Lord!

The Band

Me, Allison, and Janette

Amanda baptizing Beth

Tyler baptizing Jake, on of the guys from Lamar

Lastly, a sweet video of everyone rejoicing

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recently ...

Here are some pics from what has been going on recently:

Our Resource group after Amanda's Play
From left to right: Allison, Lorie, Molly, Courtney, Amanda, and Lauren

It has been such a blessed experience getting to know each one of them and to grow together. We just recently realized that we all will be in Huntsville this summer so we don’t have to say goodbye quite yet! It has been awesome seeing each girl grow and have a real brokenness for our campus and also the world.
Please be praying for:
Allison - she is is going on a 3 week mission trip to Uganda in July. Pray for her safety and health.

Molly - she is going on a 2 week mission trip in May to Tenerife. Pray that the Lord will do miraculous things through her despite the language barrier.

Amanda - she is going on a 2 week mission trip in May to Chile. Pray the Lord will speak through their skits and presentations.

Lauren - is going on a 2 week mission trip to The Netherlands in May. Pray that she will have favor with the students through the cultural differences.

Duncan & Lorie, Jake & me - as we prepare to move to Colorado and raise our budget for the added expenses

Allison and I went to see our friend Amy's Art show in Fort Worth

We were so blessed to get to share this exciting time with her!
Sara met up with us!

We went on a camping trip with UofH, UTSA, and Sam Houston Chi Alpha students at Enchanted Rock. Seven guys from Beaumont came, so it was great to introduce them to our brothers and sisters in other Chi Alphas!

Pnut even came!

Jake has grown to love the guys in Beaumont more than he could have imagined. Just being there two days a week has not affected the brotherhood they have fallen in love with there. The Pastor at the church there, Pastor Flippo, has been so awesome, helping them out and even giving them a house to live in while they are there. He has such a heart for the campus, and we are excited to see what the Lord has planned next for Beaumont!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mexico City

Jake and I with our good friends Carlos and Carrie (missionaries in Mexico City)
Jake and I with Josh Amiot (missionary to Costa Rica) he is such a blessing to us

Danny (one of the guys from Beaumont) preaching in Espanol!
Taylor, Michelle, and Christopher
Eating at the awesome chicken place!
Our view from the tower

Man the harvest is plentiful in Mexico City! The Lord was totally using EVERY skit, EVERY testimony, EVERY conversation, and EVEN simply the color of our skin! It is so strange when people want to talk to you and take pictures with you simply because you look different than they do. But hey, we are down to be used however the Lord wants us to. The whole trip was so amazing.

We started out Sunday taking a trip to a cathedral and to a tower that goes up above the city (40 stories i think?). It was a great way to begin the trip because it gives you an idea of what kind of religion is dominant there and also how many souls are at stake. In the cathedral there were images of Jesus that were just heart breaking. Every image was bloody, sad and weak. There was even Jesus still in a coffin. I just wanted to yell, "HEY! JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD!" To me it was a huge symbol of how their religion is based on rituals and traditions, and NOT that Jesus is ALIVE and here with us to be our friend, to guide us, to comfort us, and to push us if need be. One conversation I had with a guy named Alberto was about just that, and it was so refreshing to be able to share that with him, and for him to really understand and see what I was talking about. (Not to mention the fact that he spoke great English, so there was no language barrier problem!) The view from the tower was incredible. There were buildings farther than you could see (the smog didn't help) and it really put something in our hearts that cried out for all the people of the city.

It was so refreshing to see all of the Sam Houston students so fired up to share the gospel, too! Even the freshman that had never been on a mission trip were ready to get out there and do the work of the Lord. This next generation really is stepping up and getting ready to do some amazing things! It was great to get to know new students, to encourage them, and to gain new brothers and sisters in Christ. This trip changed all of our lives, and helped us grow to have more of a heart for the nations. It was so awesome too to encourage the missionaries and the student leaders there. It was great to come back again this year and see how their groups have grown and their vision for the campuses has grown even more. They are doing an awesome job incorporating discipleship into their ministry; something that was near impossible last time we were there because of the lack of leaders for so many campuses. We were even able to be a part of one of the campus' first introduction to their ministry. We are so humbled and honored to be able to be used for something so great for the Kingdom. We could tell you every story, every conversation, every testimony, but I think their faces tell it better than we would. (Plus, that would take forever and I'm not into writing whole novels) The Lord moved in more ways than we could imagine, and it was an amazing and life changing experience for everyone involved. Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and support!

praying for each other and lifting each other's hands (Exodus 17:11,12)

There is a light in this city!!!!This was a guy doing some Aztec ritual and covering this lady in smoke